Best Opponents Goal Seen At Anfield

As much as we love to see our opponents net bulge after another Reds goal, we do also consider our opponents sometimes. We are rightly giving credit where credit is due. Over the years, Liverpool fans have had the reputation of being the game’s most knowledgeable. And rightly so. As connoisseurs of the beautiful game we are not so blinkered to dismiss our opponents efforts. In this post we will consider the best opponents goal seen at Anfield.

Aside from recognising these goals, a quick trip down Memory Lane. We do not only appreciate goals scored by our opponents. We go beyond that. How many clubs fans would give the reception we gave to both Leeds, in 1969 and Arsenal in 1989. In case you are not aware as to what happened on those occasions, let me remind you.

Liverpool 0, Leeds United 0; 28th April 1969

Leeds Players Acknowledge The Kop

Leeds Players Acknowledge The Kop

Leeds only needed a point to clinch the First Division title. And a point is what they got. So, Leeds clinched the title at Anfield. A win for Liverpool might have swung the Championship our way. But it wasn’t to be as Leeds held out and won the title. When the disappointed Liverpool players left the pitch, the Leeds players didn’t know what to do with themselves. Slowly walking towards the Kop, they were not sure of what kind of reception they’d get from the 53,750 fans packed inside Anfield.

One Leeds player took the plunge. He raised his hand towards the Kop and then the others followed suit. Initially there was silence, but then the applause started and it just didn’t stop. The reaction from the Kop that night is legendary.

This is what Leeds centre-half, Jack Charlton and Leeds manager, Don Revie, had to say on the reception their team got…..

“To stand there as a Leeds player and be cheered by the Kop that was something,” claimed Charlton after the game. “I’ll never forget it.” Don Revie enthused: “It was simply fantastic, What a great gesture. You would have thought their team had won the league!”

On such a disappointing occasion, we rose above this disappointment to acknowledge the newly crowned Champions. Now that is class.

That wasn’t the only occasion we showed our class though was it.

Liverpool 0, Arsenal 2; 26th May 1989

Michael Thomas Title Winning Goal-Liverpool v Arsenal, 26th May 1989

Michael Thomas Title Winning Goal-Liverpool v Arsenal, 26th May 1989

Arsenal’s 2-0 win saw them win the First Division title by the slimmest of margins. Of course football itself was not of prime importance after the events at Hillsborough the month before on 15th April 1989. Even so, to lose the title in such was heartbreaking. At one stage, Arsenal were 11 points ahead of us. But as they faltered in the run-in, we were in the driving seat come the 26th May. Our goal difference was 4 goals better, so either avoiding defeat or losing just by the one goal would have been enough.

We would have been Champions again. Michael Thomas’ second goal in injury time to make the score 2-0 was the title winner. With the goal difference now level, Arsenal clinched the title by virtue of scoring eight goals more during the campaign.

Most clubs fans would have either streamed out, or expressed their disappointment in other ways. But not us. We stayed behind to applaud the new Champions.

The Kop Applaud Opponent Goalkeeper

Yet another example of our sporting nature and greater understanding of the game, is the respect afforded to our opponent’s goalkeepers. The tradition of The Kop applauding the keeper has been in place for many years. I remember in the 1990/91 season an old school buddy of mine, Tony Norman, was playing in goal for Sunderland. In the build up to the game I mentioned the applause and reminded him that we stood in the top right corner of The Kop (left hand side of the goal to us, top right to him).

All my mates waited with bated breath when Sunderland came out for the 2nd half. As he approached The Kop would he respond? Sure enough he did. He warmly applauded The Kop and then in an exaggerated gesture he turned and made a thumbs up gesture to us in the top right. That’s where the generosity ended though. We went on to win 2-1.

The only time opponents goalkeepers get any stick is when they do not acknowledge our sporting greeting.

So, on many occasions we have demonstrated our knowledge and sportsmanship. That being so therefore, what would you say was the best opponents goal seen at Anfield?

Best Opponents Goal Seen At Anfield

There are many candidates for that accolade. I don’t intend to go through all of those I consider ‘crackers’, but let me give you a few tasters.

Graeme Sharp – Liverpool 0, Everton 1

Often referred to as the ‘best Merseyside Derby goal’ (not by us obviously), this was a belter to be fair. Take a look at this great volley here……20th October, 1984

A really great goal to be fair…..followed by the customary pitch invasion by our neighbours.

Liverpool 0, Chelsea 1 – Vinnie Jones

He didn’t score many. But when he did, he certainly didn’t notch goals like this. Here’s Vinnie Jones’ offering at The Kop end……

Liverpool 0, Norwich 1 – Jeremy Goss

What on earth was he thinking!!! This was supposed to be our party. The last day of the standing Kop, 30th April 1994. I’ve still got the t-shirt somewhere. The Kop was buzzing that day. But, in all honesty, the game was awful and Liverpool were shocking. This was probably the only highlight of the game on the field of play…..

These are just a few to give you a flavour. My favourite? That’s easy, that would be Marc Overmars goal for Barcelona in the Champions League, 20th November 2001. It turned out to be the killer goal after Michael Owen had given us an early lead. To be fair we were given a footballing lesson that night. I seem to remember virtually the whole of The Kop applauding this goal. It was the ultimate team goal…..take a look here….

Best Opponents Goal Seen At Anfield-Liverpool 1, Barcelona 3-Marc Overmars

These are the ones that immediately that spring to mind for me. I could also mention Phil Jagielka’s injury time equaliser against us on 27th September 2014. But to show two videos of Everton goals on a Liverpool FC website!!! Now, that’s pushing it.

So, what do you think? What is the best opponents goal seen at Anfield in your opinion?

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